Storm-tec Rolls Out Polaris All Terrain Vehicles For The Irish Coast Guard

by Stormtec | 8th February 2017

Last month saw the start of the rollout by storm-tec of the new Polaris Rangers for the Irish Coast Guard (IRCG). Every weekend for the next 12 months, groups of IRCG members will be fully trained on the use and functionality of the vehicles.

The first units to be trained were Bonmahon and Dunmore Coast Guards. Excellent feedback was given on the vehicles and the training received.

Bonmahon posted on their facebook page…

“Bonmahon Coast Guard were delighted to be one of the first units in the country to be picked for training on the new Polaris ATV that will be rolled out this year. We were also joined by members of one of our flank units, Dunmore Coast Guard. An intensive day was had between tuition, driving assessments and tabletop assessments. Although this course was great fun to be a part of, more importantly, new skills have been obtained to help our team be the best they can be.”

The IRCG’s primary roles include maritime safety and search and rescue. It is expected that they will handle 2500 marine emergencies per year and assist 4,500 people, saving about 200 lives.

All the Coast Guard units across Ireland will use the Polaris Rangers during their search and rescue operations.

Storm-tec has customised and branded the vehicles to meet the requirements of the IRCG.

For details on the Polaris Ranger and other all terrain vehicles, you can visit our website, call us on +44 (0) 28 9002 9518 or email

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